Are anxiety and panic attacks upsetting you, or someone you love?

What would you give for a proven step-by-step guide to conquer your irrational fears, dispel anxiety and eliminate panic attacks?

For just under $10 you can buy freedom from anxiety, fear and panic attacks. Read about how my e-program Calming Words can give you back your carefree life. That life you enjoyed before irrational fears grabbed you by the throat and made you avoid so many things or feel terrified in too many situations.

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If you’re one of millions for whom these disturbing symptoms are a nightmare, this best-selling self-help e-program will guide you into control of your upsetting emotional responses.

We actually need anxiety, but only in small doses. I prefer to call it caution, or the balance factor in our lives. It’s the preventative side of the risk equation that puts the brakes on behaviours that could get us into serious trouble.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you ever feel fearful, panicked or worried for no particular reason?
  • After you felt panicky at the movies, once or twice, have you decided you just can’t go there again? Substitute lecture theatre, meetings, highways etc for movies.
  • Do you ever feel the need to escape, even from a non-threatening situation like a lecture at college or University, a party with friends, a football game?
  • Are you nervous or anxious when confronted by the unfamiliar?
  • Does the thought of meeting strangers fill your with dread?
  • Are you paralyzed with fear at having to make a public speech or presentation?
  • Do you have physical symptoms—dry mouth, short of breath, clammy hands, a quavering voice—when you speak in front of others?
  • Are you filled with envy watching and hearing others speak confidently and without apparent effort?
Anxiety has taken over part of your life

If you answered yes to any of these, your anxiety has taken over at least part of your life. What can you do in the face of such

At his inauguration in 1933, US President Franklin D Roosevelt famously said: ‘The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.’ He was right, and still is. But that’s no comfort to you when
approaching the speaker’s lectern feels like mounting the gallows, or when driving on a freeway is way out of the question.

Alarm to calm, panic to poise

That’s where Calming Words makes all the difference, turning alarm to calm and panic to poise.

Click on this image to purchase my comprehensive e-program through Amazon.

Download my FREE audio Relax on Cue
My e-program Calming Words comes in three parts, starting with a FREE MP3 audio file. Click Relax on Cue to trial it right now, and join thousands of others who have taken advantage of this relaxation tool for all situations.

My step-by-step downloadable program is a collection of all proven therapies for conquering anxiety, phobias and eliminating panic attacks. It gives you time tested methods to banish fear and wrest back control for good.

The e-book comes with a step-by-step, plain English guide to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). That means we look at how you think, at your thoughts about how you’ll feel at the movies, or on the freeway or wherever you felt panicky in the past. That’s the ‘cognitive’ or thinking part of CBT.

Then we look at your behaviour and how you react to the thoughts of ‘oh no. I know I’ll feel anxious there. Again. As usual.” The ‘as usual’ bit is about your reactions, your feelings that are by now, automatic. That’s the ‘behavior’ or ‘behaviour’ part of CBT.

Today CBT is the leading, science-based weapon in the war on mental terror. Armed with Calming Words, it’s a war you can, and will, win. That’s the ‘therapy’ part of CBT.

The really great news about my approach

I don’t rely solely and completely on CBT. I add the latest from neuroscience to allow you to see how your brain works and how it often works against you. In that sense I’m indebted greatly to someone I heard speaking in Melbourne early in 2013, Dr Jeffrey Schwartz. Dr Schwartz co-wrote the book, You Are Not Your Brain and Brain Lock. More of his great findings in my e-program.

My e-program Calming Words gives you also the skills to use a cue or reminder to help you to relax in any situation.

Calming Words also introduces you step-by-step to the greatest therapy around, Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT.

Training for life in Breathing Meditation
Where would we be without the calming effects of meditation? Another part of the package is my 15 minute MP3 audio file Meditation Magic. That audio will guide you back to your calm centre, delivering the tranquility you need to deploy your own meditative power.

Yes, I augment my rational and easy-to-understand explanation about how your brain works and sometimes works against you with skills like meditation that you can use in any situation where you’re emotionally upset – angry, sad, overwhelmed or panicked.

And then…. I provide you with the simple and nourishing skill of mindfulness. It’s fairly new to the West but being mindful, being focused and truly present in the moment and without judgment, that’s been part of Eastern spiritualism for millennia.

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What will you get out of Calming Words??

You’ll get back the life you had before you learned how to be afraid and even terrified of … just sitting in the movies, driving to work, going to meetings, or even about going to a party. I’ll take you by the hand to unlearn your habit of fear and to re-learn seven+ ways to re-attach to your core of calmness. You’ll learn to:

  1. Reduce your anxiety levels quickly and easily
  2. Recognize the truth about irrational fears, anxiety, panic attacks and how they’re triggered
  3. Really understand your own role in keeping your fears going. As well as how to STOP doing that.
  4. Mimic Mother Nature whose trees sway in the hurricane
  5. Face people, places and situations that are now triggering so much anxiety, you’re avoiding them
  6. Refine your diet to eliminate stress-provoking substances
  7. Boost your inner store of calm with simple mindful practices
  8. Discover the one simple, immediate intervention if you sense an approaching panic attack.

How and why do I claim to be qualified to help you?
I have a Doctorate, a Master’s degree and a Bachelor’s degree augmented by Diplomas in counselling and hypnosis through the Milton Erickson Institute. That Institute in Tasmania, Australia was founded and is run by Dr Rob McNeilly MD. Dr McNeilly studied with Milton Erickson himself and brings to the training I received his wisdom from medical practice as well as over thirty years in Hypnosis and counselling. With my academic background and many years’ experience as a counsellor, trainer, mentor, researcher and author, I have an intimate knowledge of fear, from mild anxiety to full panic attacks. Most importantly, I know how to combine a range of strategies to help you gain control over your anxiety, worry and panic and how to reclaim your life.

With that knowledge, and intense research and practice, my self-help e-program contains all the anxiety and panic relief techniques that have been proven to be successful. You will find one, or more, that works for you.

Dr Jeannette Kavanagh
Counsellor and Psychotherapist

For less than $10 click on the book to buy your freedom from all fears.

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