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Yes, there are more expensive products out there. Yes, there are even some who claim that they know the ONE cause for anxiety and its ONE CURE.

Some of them are fine products. I bought most of them when writing Calming Words. I did that to make sure I wasn’t duplicating things already available. I also did it to make sure that what I’m offering is state of the art current best practice. I didn’t want yet another kit based on “I had anxiety, overcame it and if you do what I did, so will you.” That may be true if you came into anxiety in the same way as the author of the CURE.

To some extent there’ll be an overlap. You can’t leave anxiety behind without learning some relaxation skills, real skills not gimmicks. Most products and programs examine your role in your own pain – without blaming you. I hope that most approaches now include the marvellous work from neuroscience such as Dr Jeffrey Schwartz’s work in Brain Lock and You Are Not Your Brain. Let’s hope that Jon Kabat-Zinn and Jack Kornfield get a mention in their contribution to a less anxiety-ridden world via mindfulness.

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