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Dr Jeannette Kavanagh has worked for many years as a counselor and psychotherapist . Through her counselling practice she has helped clients to recognise that their over-the-top anxiety, including panic attacks and agoraphobia are very manageable.

Jeannette doesn’t take a one size fits all  approach to anxiety. She knows that each person experiences anxiety in a unique way. Therefore, each person will escape its upsetting effects in a unique way.

She uses a combination of approaches outlined in her downloadable self help kit Calming Words. The foundations of Jeannette’s approach is to let people see and understand how their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours/behaviors are making their anxiety what she calls a habit of fear.

That’s part of Cognitive Behavior Therapy or CBT.  Through CBT each client looks at the thoughts that provoke fear-filled feelings. They quickly move to working on ways to do what Jeannette terms “re-write their script from ‘oh no, I’m terrified’ to ‘calm’”. That is, clients learn a new and productive way to respond to the first symptoms of fear and panic, the first rush of adrenaline. Jeannette complements CBT with a range of relaxation and meditation techniques which become part of the person’s anti-anxiety tool kit. In her face-to-face Practice, Dr Kavanagh uses also the power of hypnosis.

She introduces clients to Emotional Freedom Techniques™ a gentle and highly effective therapy which again re-inforces for the client that s/he is in charge.

If you’re interested to learn more about Dr Kavanagh’s qualifications and the approach she uses in her Practice, please go to the Centre of Effective Therapy (CET) website. The emphasis of Jeannette’s work is on working with the client to find the best solutions not only on the possible causes of problems.

Research shows that even when the cause of a problem has been found, that doesn’t eliminate the problem.

How Calming Words differs from other products

Dr Kavanagh’s self-help kit Calming Words allows you to move from anxiety to calm. The kit evolved over the past twenty years. Unlike far too many other anti-anxiety products on the Internet, it is thoroughly researched.It’s written in the clear, straightforward language that you’d expect of a professional counselor and psychotherapist. It offers many approaches to conquer anxiety disorder, stress, phobias and panic attacks. Why? Because Dr Kavanagh’s extensive professional experience and her research indicated that that’s what is needed.

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